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Dear Friends

For a long time I have wanted to sing with the Children from Neve Shalom Wahat al- Salam, a village between Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, where Jewish and Palestinian Arab citizens of Israel are living together. In the seventies they began to build up this village. Today 65 families are living there together 50% Jewish and 50% Arabic people

Last summer I started to unfold the project and I was fortunate to get in contact with the right peoples at the right time. First I asked Ursina Glaus if she would come with me and she was happy to do so and also to support the work.  Barbara Wegmüller helped me to get in contact with Evi Guggenheim. She participated in building up this Village right from the beginning. And she helped me to get in contact with Carmella Ferber the leader of the school.

On the 13th of November we travelled to Israel. Arriving at the Village in the evening we settled into the beautiful Guesthouse of Neve Shalom. The next day we went through the arch of the Rainbow into the school. Everything was then arranged and together with the teacher Raida Aiashe Khatib I sang with the school children from the 3rd class and some children from the 6th class. Raida is an English Teacher, and has an excellent method of teaching the words of the songs. In a short time, they knew the words of the three songs by heart. We came together only 6 times to learn the songs, but the children had also the possibility to practice at home through the Videos on YouTube. It was a great joy for us to work with the children and in a short time they were singing from their whole hearts.  

In this video they are singing: “The Rainbow” “Can you hear me” “Peace be within you”




We had an unforgettable time and it was a great pleasure for us to be in this wonderful place “Oasis of peace.”


This mail goes to all people who are singing the peace songs with children and to those who have been in contact with the project. It goes to the following countries:  Burundi, Brazil, Bulgaria, Congo, Croatia, Denmark, England, Germany, India, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Kenya, Lichtenstein, Luxembourg, Nigeria, Norway, Pakistan, Portugal, Scotland, Sierra Leone, South Africa and Switzerland