About the project

With this project we are building up a worldwide network of children singing songs of oneness and peace together. The sharing of such songs creates a connection between people. Songs with a profound message have a powerful effect indeed, releasing positive impulses into the world. In this project the children are encouraged to express their innate awareness of unity and peace through music.

We are now establishing groups in different countries who participate in this project. We provide them with the songs and music and help them set up conducted children’s choirs.

The songs emphasize how precious each child is to the world and they affirm the children’s right to respect and love. One aim of the project is to focus on the unity of the human family and this is something which is most apparent among children. In truth we are not separate from each other, but deeply connected in the depths of our hearts.

The project is independent of any religious belief systems but deeply appreciative and supportive of all that promotes peace and unity within humanity. The songs are sung in English, but first spoken in the children’s native tongue. In this way, the children will experience the message of the songs through their own idiom as well as through a world language.

Imagine the powerful effect of children of various nationalities all over the world singing the same songs about peace and oneness. In special world situations we can contact each singing group asking them to sing the same song and send it into the world.

Through CD and video recordings, the children will be able to see and hear each other. In the future, we could organize international meetings where children from different countries will sing together the songs of peace and oneness. If you are interested in supporting this project in any way, you are kindly invited to contact us.

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